Integrating Strategies to Address Gender-Based Violence and Engage Men and Boys as Partners to Advance Gender Equality through National HIV Plans and Strategies

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Dakar, Senegal 16-19 September 2013 Welcome!

This page contains resources produced by many organisations working on gender-based violence, engagement of men and boys as partners, and the meaningful involvement of women living with HIV in the context of HIV. It was developed for the participants of a workshop held in September 2013 in Dakar, hosted by UNAIDS West and Central Africa Regional Support Team, UNFPA, UNDP, UN Women, ATHENA, Sonke Gender Justice Network, Salamander Trust and other partners.

This is the fourth workshop to be held on this theme. Each workshop has included different country delegations. The first workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya, in November/December 2010. The second was held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2011. The third was held in Johannesburg in 2012. Both the first and second workshop brought together delegations from many different countries of the world. The third workshop was the first regionally focused workshop. This fourth workshop is also regionally based. The materials presented by participants in the workshop in Turkey in 2011 can be accessed here. The materials presented by participants in the workshop in Johannesburg in 2012 can be accessed here.


Online Resources

All the presentations and also the back-up resources for the Dakar workshop, in English and French, can now be accessed here.

The full Dakar workshop report is now available here.


Countries represented at the meeting in Dakar are:

  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • République démocratique du Congo
  • Ghana
  • Sénégal
  • Nigeria (resource country)


Day One

Key Workshop Presentations:

session 1: framing the issues – GBV and HIV

  • Susana Fried, UNDP: “Introduction – UNAIDS Agenda for Women and Girls
  • Upala Devi, UNFPA: “Addressing the linkages between GBV and HIV – what is out there?” (slides 1-15)
  • Anthonia Aina, Centers for Disease Control: “Opportunities for Resource Mobilization – PEPFAR Perspective
  • Bafana Khumalo, Sonke Gender Justice: “Addressing Gender Norms and the Role of Men and Boys and the use of Gender Transformative Approaches to Address VAW & HIV
  • Abdelkader Bacha, UNICEF: “GBV and HIV, What about the Adolescent and Young Populations?” Part 1; Part 2
  • Lina Abriafeh, UNICEF/UNFPA: “Addressing GBV & HIV in Humanitarian Settings
  • Hortense Gbaguidi, UNWomen: “Gender-related vulnerabilities and HIV in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings
  • Bechir N’Daw, UNDP: “Global Commission on HIV and the Law

session 2: country experience – spotlight on Nigeria

  • Ifeoma Madueke, UNDP and Adebanke Akinrimisi, Consultant: “Integrating Strategies to Address GBV & Engage Men & Boys as Partners…”

session 3: green light thinking

session 4: review of policy environment

  • Upala Devi, UNFPA: “Addressing the linkages between GBV and HIV – what is out there?” (slides 16-25)
  • Berthilde Gahongayire, UNAIDS: “West and Central Africa Scorecards
  • Nkonzo Khanyile, Sonke Gender Justice: “Integrating Strategies…”


Day Two

session 1: from concept to practice 1 – the meaningful involvement of women living with HIV

  • Calorine Kenkem, Cameroon Network of Women living with HIV: “Participation Significative des Femmes Vivant avec le VIH dans la risposte
  • Alice Welbourn, Salamander Trust: “Participation – Is your organisation bearing fruit? What about funds for networks of women living with HIV?”

session 2: from concept to practice 2 – working with uniformed personnel in humanitarian conflict and post-conflict settings

  • Berthilde Gahongayire, UNAIDS: “Résolution 1983 du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU” and “1983 Stock-taking Report
  • Berthilde Gahongayire, UNAIDS: “Workshop Report Resolution 1983 Implementation, Dakar, August 2013

session 3: from concept to practice 3 – working with men and boys as partners

  • Nkonzo Khanyile, Sonke Gender Justice: “How to Engage Men and Boys for Gender Equality
  • Nkonzo Khanyile, Sonke Gender Justice: “Rwanda Film Clip
  • Alice Welbourn, Salamander Trust: “Engaging Men and Boys as Partners: Seeking Safety Overview
  • Alice Welbourn, Salamander Trust: “Seeking Safety – Stepping Stones in Malawi” Film (COWLHA, Salamander Trust, Dominique Chadwick)

session 4: from concept to practice 4 – working with key populations

  • Bechir N’Daw, UNDP: “Working with Key Populations

session 5: some key tools

  • Susana Fried, UNDP: “Roadmap Presentation
  • Upala Devi, UNFPA: “Resources on Engaging Men and Boys
  • Luisa Orza, Athena Network: “Framework for Women, Girls and Gender Equality in NSPs on HIV
  • Luisa Orza, Athena Network: “Athena et al GBV Policy Analysis Tool” (ENGLISH) and (FRENCH)
  • Lina Abriafeh UNFPA/UNICEF: “Concrete Entry Points – Health


Day Three

Action Plans from Country Programmes


Resource Mobilization

  • Anthonia Aina, CDC: “Resource Mobilization PEPFAR