Salamander Trust at AIDS2018


Salamander Trust feels privileged to take part in the 22nd International AIDS Conference

This is taking place in July in Amsterdam, Holland.

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Support for the Women’s Networking Zone in the Global Village

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Three Posters in the Main Conference

Women and the International AIDS Conference: will anything change? An analysis
of women living with HIV as abstract presenters at AIDS2016.
M. Tholanah 1, M. Musiiwa 2, C. Chung 3, E. Bell 4, F. Hale 4, A. Welbourn 5
1 Independent, Zimbabwe; 2 Member, ICW Zimbabwe; 3 Transgender Law Center, San Francisco,
USA; 4 Salamander Trust Associate, London, United Kingdom; 5 Salamander Trust, London,
United Kingdom
Can HIV counsellors be supported to attain better outcomes for their child clients and their caregivers? The case of Stepping Stones with Children.
Elisius Mkolokoti 1 and Sue Holden 2 with Nelson Chiziza 1, Gill Gordon 2, Pfiriaeli Kiwia 3, Willbrord Manyama 3, Jovin
Riziki 4 and Alice Welbourn 2
1 PASADA, 2 Salamander Trust, 3 Kimara Peer Counsellors and Educators, 4 formerly PASADA.
Breaking barriers and building bridges: Women living with HIV leading the way through the 4M+ Peri-natal Peer Mentoring Project, to complement clinical care in East Africa
Namiba A. a, Bajenja E b, Osborne N a, Otieno T c, Ogolla B c, Alessi J d, Nalwanga R d, Niwagaba N e, Welbourn A b
a Salamander Trust Associate, b Salamander Trust, London, United Kingdom, c PIPE Trust, Nairobi, Kenya, d Formerly UNYPA, Kampala, Uganda, e UNYPA, Kampala, Uganda.

Four Sessions in the Women’s Networking Zone in the Global Village

Tuesday 24 July 17:30–18:30 [See poster above]
Women and the International AIDS Conference: will anything change? An analysis of women
living with HIV as abstract presenters at AIDS2016
ICW Zimbabwe, Salamander Trust, Transgender Law Center
Are women living with HIV equal partners in research? This session looks at an analysis from AIDS2016 and how we can increase the representation of women living with HIV as researchers and speakers at future IACs. Contributors included Fiona Hale, Emma Bell, Cecilia Chung, Martha Tholanah and Alice Welbourn. (See also below about our contribution to the ICW Satellite session about the importance of community-based research; and our ALIV[H]E Framework session, also below, about how to do this.)
Wednesday 25 July 15:30–16:30 [Presentation]
Scaling up programmes to prevent violence against women: The DREAMS programme as an example of challenges and how to overcome them
The CUSP: Salamander Trust, Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP ), Institute for Reproductive Health (Georgetown University), IMAGE, Puntos de Encuentro, Raising Voices, Sonke Gender Justice, Tostan and WeCan (OXFAM)
A session for programme managers, donors and NGOs on scale-up of programmes using a women’s rights perspective. A DREAMS case study in relation to Stepping Stones and One Man Can was used, by presenters Dean Peacock and Alice Welbourn, to illustrate some of the challenges.
For more on the CUSP programme, see here.
Thursday 26 July 10:30–11:30  [Presentation]
Measure what counts: How the ALIV[H]E Framework can help us measure and address violence against women in the context of HIV
Salamander Trust, ATHENA Initiative, UNAIDS
Research processes often exclude the viewpoints that matter most – those of women most affected. This session describes how these can be harnessed to make policies and programmes more effective.
With contributions from: Tim Martineau (UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director) Luisa Orza, Andy Gibbs, Alice Welbourn (Project Leads), Anandi Yuvaraj (formerly UNAIDS India), Silvia Petretti (Positively UK – Global Reference Group member), Longret Kwardem (Salamander Trust 4MProject Community Researcher)
For more information about the ALIV[H]E Framework, click here.
Thursday 26 July 11:30–12:30 [Presentation]
Our right, not a privilege and certainly not a debate – our sexual and reproductive health and rights at the heart of an effective response
Salamander Trust, ICW Global, Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS, WOFAK Kenya
The groundbreaking WHO 2017 Guideline on the SRHR of women living with HIV sets a new baseline for good practice in policies and programming. This session describes its content and how it can be used.
With contributions from: Jantine Jacobi (UNAIDS Kenya Country Director), Cecilia Chung (Transgender Law Center), Martha Tholanah, Sophie Strachan (Sophia Forum), L’Orangelis Thomas (Jóvenes Positivxs), Zhenya Mayilyan (EWNA) and Alice Welbourn (Salamander Trust).
For more information about the Guideline, its development, and the Checklist for its implementation, click here.

A session in the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights  Zone in the Global Village

Wednesday 25 July 10:30-11.30 [Presentation to follow]
Delivering Our Rights: the 4M approach to peri-natal care of women living with HIV
4M – My Health My Choice My Child My Life
Salamander Trust and 4MNetwork and UNYPA
Members of the 4M Network described this groundbreaking grassroots programme which provides peer-led perinatal care, by with and for women living with HIV.
With contributions from Angelina Namiba, Fungai Murau,  Neo and others. The session also included contributions from Sharifa of Uganda Network of Young People with HIV/AIDS (about the 4M+ programme).
To see the poster about 4M+ see here. To read more about the UK programme click here. To read more about the East African programme, click here.

A session in the People living with HIV  Zone in the Global Village

Tuesday 24 July 12:30-14:00
Community consultation on Dolutegravir and pregnancy
With contributions from Andy Seale, Dr Gottfried Hirnschall and Dr Meg Doherty of WHO and Florence Anam of ICW Global. Alice Welbourn also contributed to this discussion from the perspective of the WHO 2017 Guideline on SRHR of women living with HIV.

ICW Global Satellite in the main conference

Tuesday 24 July 0700-0830  Emerald Room [Presentation as video here; slides only as pdf here]
Community Participatory Research Based Advocacy towards Policy and Programs that affect women and girls
Alice Welbourn was one of the speakers and talked talk about the participatory research process involved in informing the WHO 2017 Consolidated Guideline on the SRHR of women living with HIV

The Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism

This Conference Publication includes a feature about the 4M Project and some of the wonderful
creative writing of 4MNetwork members. [link to content to follow shortly]