Research on interlinkages between VAW and HIV for UNAIDS


Salamander Trust has been collaborating in a research programme commissioned by UNAIDS to strengthen and expand the evidence base regarding community-level programmes which address violence against women in the context of HIV.

In partnership with the Health Economics and HIV and AIDS Research Division (HEARD) of the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, the AIDS Legal Network, the ATHENA Network and Project Empower, we have been supporting the design of an implementation and monitoring framework for community based organizations in six countries based on the latest evidence and promising practices related to violence against women (VAW)  and HIV. This work has documented and determined the effectiveness of this framework and lessons learnt.

To access the full ALIV[H]E Framework document, click here.

July 2020:

A poster at the International AIDS conference from Frontline AIDS and MENA ROSA featured their use of the ALIV[H]E Framework in MENA Region. Click here to view this.

March 2019:

Just released: ALIV[H]E in Action: a booklet about the ALIV[H]E framework and how it has been used in the Middle East and North Africa region, in Botswana and in India to advance  a women-centred, rights-based and gender equitable approach to the issues facing women.

July 2018:

To read an article about the importance of community involvement in M&E processes and research in general, relating to the ALIV[H]E Framework, click here.

To view a webinar about the ALIV[H]E Framework, click here.

To see a presentation at the AIDS2018 Women’s Networking Zone, click here.

December 2017: To read an article about violence against women as a treatment access barrier, which uses the Change Matrix from the ALIV[H]E Framework, click here.


November 2017. To access the recording of the webinar which launched the ALIV[H]E Framework document, come back soon! To access the slides which accompanied the webinar, click here.

October – December 2016.

To listen to the fifth and final webinar, on the ALIV[H]E framework itself, click here.

To listen to the fourth webinar, on SMART and SPICED indicators, click here.

To listen to the third webinar, on participatory approaches to research on VAW, click here.

To listen to the second webinar, on GBV/safety and HIV for young women, click here.

To listen to the first webinar, on the importance of language, click here.

To view related slides for each webinar, click on the relevant number here: |first | second | third | fourth | fifth |