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On the CUSP of Change:

Effective scaling of social norms programming for gender equality
Launch of the CUSP Working Group Policy Brief

Today at the Sexual Violence Research Initiative Conference in Rio de Janeiro, we are delighted to have joined with partners from around the world to launch the CUSP Working Group Policy Brief.

Salamander Trust has joined with partners Raising Voices, the Center for Domestic Violence (CEDOVIP), the IMAGE Programme, The Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, the OXFAM-initiated “We Can” Campaign, Puntos de Encuentro, Sonke Gender Justice and Tostan, to share our pooled experiences from many collective years of social change programme development. Our collective experiences have been shared in this new policy brief, which focuses on key challenges and opportunities of taking social norms programmes such as ours to scale.

To read the brief, launched in Rio in September 2017, please click here.

To view the powerpoint presentation from Rio, please click here.

To view a powerpoint presentation about the CUSP from the Bali social behavior change conference in April 2018, click here.