ALIV[H]E in Action case studies booklet out

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25 March 2019: Out now: ‘ALIV[H]E in Action” booklet with 3 case studies about how the ALIV[H]E framework has been used by women to advance their rights in MENA Region, Botswana and India.

‘There are too few opportunities for women who are vulnerable to and/or living with HIV and/or experiencing VAW to engage with current research processes other than as objects of research.”

“This approach provides ways for women to be equal and active agents in the research process, gathering data about our own experiences, on our own terms.”

“For many women, it was the first time they had space to discuss HIV and violence openly, and the first time they were able to connect and engage with national bodies and talk about HIV and violence. It was also the first-time women had space to understand and acknowledge their own contribution and responses to HIV.”
“Engaging women with disabilities as leaders in the project was extremely powerful and, in some cases, led to spontaneous change as service providers realised how inaccessible their services are.” 

To access the case-study booklet click here.

To read about the whole process and access the main framework document, click here.