International Women’s Day 2019: new advocacy booklet on cervical cancer


International Women’s Day 2019 – women living with HIV, HPV and cervical cancer

On International Women’s Day 2019, we are delighted to share with you a new advocacy booklet, written by and for women living with HIV and our friends. This booklet is about women living with HIV, HPV and cervical cancer.

As UNAIDS asks, “Cervical cancer is preventable with the human papillomavirus vaccine. And if detected and treated early, it’s also curable. So why are so many women still developing and dying from cervical cancer?”

This booklet explores what HPV and cervical cancer are, why they are of particular concern to women living with HIV and what we can all do to address this huge issue. Funded by UNAIDS and compiled by many women living with HIV around the world, this booklet is of global relevance. To read the booklet and learn more, click here.