Jenifer Gatsi Mallett

Former trustee, Jenifer Gatsi Mallett is a Zimbabwean campaigner, programme director, researcher and trainer, living in Namibia. She is the Founding member & Director of the Namibia Women’s Health Network. She has also founded 2 Community Based Orphans and Vulnerable Children Organisations (2003); introduced the concept of psychosocial support groups to Namibia Civil Society Organisations in 2003; and successfully led the “Stop Forced Sterilisation Campaign” to a great victory in the Namibian Supreme court.

Jeni has coordinated many programmes, including the Parliamentarian Leadership for Women Health Namibia (2003 – 2005); Bridging the Gap: addressing contentious & neglected issues in SRHR & HIV, Southern Africa (2005); Reproductive Rights for Women Living with HIV/Aids, Namibia and Eastern & Southern Africa (2006); Expanding Reproductive Rights Knowledge and Advocacy by HIV-positive Women & Allies (2006 – 2007);  Documenting Litigation Cases and Other Violations in Namibia (2008 to current); ICW Young Women Dialogue (YWD) Program in Namibia (2008); Community Dialogues on the inter-linkages between gender based violence, HIV, culture and women’s rights (2009); Women HIV Prevention Tracking Project on Male Circumcision (2009); Unwanted pregnancies & abortion stories collection in the Khomas Region (2010); Positive Women Monitoring Change in Namibia (2010 to current).

Jeni also Co-chaired the Community Program Committee for Vienna 2010 International AIDS Conference and was a Plenary Speaker at the Melbourne 2014 International AIDS Conference.

Research programmes have included:

Burden of Care on Women and Girls in Namibia [see]
Access to Care, Treatment and Support in Namibia: [see]
Millennium Development Goals addressing Sexual Reproductive Health in Namibia: [see]

Jenifer was diagnosed with HIV in the 1990s.

Sadly Jeni had to move on from being a trustee in February 2020, owing to personal commitments. We are extremely grateful for all her support over the years.