World Health Day 2018: Launch of Generic Checklist to support Implementation of WHO 2017 Guideline on SRHR of Women living with HIV

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7 April 2018

Today is World Health Day and the 70th Anniversary of the World Health Association

We are happy to announce the launch of a Generic Checklist, funded by WHO, to support the in-country implementation of the 2017 WHO Consolidated guideline on the SRHR of women living with HIV

This WHO Guideline was a landmark guideline. It was developed in close collaboration with women living with HIV in all our diversities, around the world. 


It has been endorsed by UNAIDS, OHCHR and UNFPA. We are very keen to see the efforts of all those who contributed to it bear fruit, and for other processes to follow its women-centred, rights-based example. 


To guarantee the guideline’s effective implementation and fulfil its groundbreaking women-centred spirit and principles, its uptake must include the meaningful engagement of women living with HIV in all their diversity.


Would you kindly share the Checklist, attached, and the accompanying Statement about why we consider this WHO Guideline so important, with all your colleagues in your own offices, and with all your offices globally.


We are delighted that UNAIDS is currently supporting the implementation of the Guideline in Kenya, led in-country by Dorothy Onyango and her team in WOFAK and together with other UN entities.


We hope and trust that government, UN and other entities in many other countries will soon support women living with HIV around the world, in all our diversities, to undertake similar processes, so that our lifelong sexual and reproductive health and rights may be fully achieved.


Read our statement on why this Guideline is so important to us here.

Update July 2019: the Checklist itself has now been published by WHO as an official UN document and is available here.

The WHO 2017 Guideline is here.

Florence Anam | ICW Global
Arely Cano | ICW Latina
Cecilia Chung | Transgender Law Center
Jeni Gatsi | Namibian Women’s Health Network
Rebecca Matheson | ICW Global
Svitlana Moroz | EVA Network
Lillian Mworeko | ICW East Africa
Angelina Namiba | Global Reference Group member, Global Survey
Dorothy Onyango | WOFAK Kenya
Assumpta Reginald | ICW West Africa
Gracia Violeta Ross | Redbol Bolivia
Sita Shahi | ICW Asia Pacific
Laurel Sprague | GNP+
Sophie Strachan | Sophia Forum
Martha Tholanah | ICW Zimbabwe
L’Orangelis Thomas | Pangea Puerto Rico
Marijo Vazquez | Core Team member, Global Survey
Rita Wahab | Mena Rosa
Alice Welbourn and Sophie Dilmitis | Salamander Trust