Here are some recent materials produced by us at Salamander & colleagues in relation to work on HIV & sexual & reproductive health & rights & related issues – including the original Stepping Stones training manuals. There is either a link to another webpage to view it or, where not available, the material is offered here instead.

1= General public  |   2 = Professional policy makers & practitioners  |  3 = Mainly for use in & with communities


Stepping Stones with Children poster at AIDS 2014
Publisher: PASADA Publisher: Salamander Trust
Key: 1 2 3

Co-authors: July 2014 Co-authors: A Welbourn, N Chiziza, G Gordon, F Kilonzo, P Kiwia, W Manyama, N Osborne This poster highlights preliminary findings from our new adaptation of Stepping Stones, entitled Stepping Stones with Children. We are developing this manual with our partners in Dar es Salaam, PASADA, with funding support from Comic Relief and […]

Rights, Camera Action! The Pregnancy Journey when you are living with HIV. A Training programme for women living with HIV who are mentor mothers, Positively UK, London
DVD Handbook
Publisher: Salamander Trust
Key: 1 2 3

Co-authors: Dominique Chadwick, Positively UK A film training programme conducted with women living with HIV who are trained as ‘mentor mothers’ to support other women with HIV as they go through their own pregnancy journey. An accompanying documentary explains the project. Link to resource

An end to AIDS? Not through medication alone
Publisher: Open Democracy
Key: 1 2 3

In the world of HIV, the allure of the bio-medical techno-fix still attracts many policy makers. Meanwhile a parallel world of care, support, community spirit and women’s resilience still beats quietly. On World AIDS Day Alice Welbourn considers the future of the AIDS pandemic.  Link to resource

Seeking Safety: Stepping Stones in Malawi
Vimeo and film Website
Publisher: COWLHA Malawi Publisher: Dominique Chadwick Publisher: Salamander Trust Publisher: The Community Film Makers
Key: 1 2 3

A series of 6 participatory films and one longer film about the work of COWLHA in Malawi and its members as they seek to overcome gender-based violence and promote gender justice in communities. These films and the accompanying literature are now available on DVD. Please contact us for further information. Link to resource

Women Out Loud
Publisher: UNAIDS
Key: 2 3

Alice Welbourn acted as part of editorial team for the whole publication and co-author of the final chapter. Link to resource