Raising funds for CFAR-Uganda – Alchemists’ List of Special Trainers

We are raising funds for our amazing trainer partners at CFAR-Uganda

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Our special volunteer student Keshiya on work placement is running a campaign for us to raise core costs for our amazing trainer partners at CFAR-Uganda.

If you donate a minimum of £3, you can then nominate someone who has inspired you personally in your own life. We will then add them to our Stepping Stones Alchemists’ List©

and will send them a certificate to let them know how much you appreciate them and that you have donated to CFAR-Uganda in their name!

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To learn more about CFAR-Uganda and their work, using Stepping Stones, you can click here.


Why core costs?

Core costs are always the hardest costs to raise funds for – yet they are fundamental to any organisation, especially in these times when support to staff to keep doing really challenging work is essential. They definitely don’t sound exciting….

Yet core costs include general management of staff, IT equipment and training, zoom, dropbox and website domain bills, internet access fees, on-going professional development, fundraising and governance.  Having these in place are the basic foundations of any good not-for-profit work – but they are super-hard to fund. All funds raised go straight to CFAR-Uganda.

The chart below shows the cost-effectiveness of supporting education for ‘high risk’ groups compared with other programs. This isn’t a competition and all this work is important, but the chart does highlight the value of the CFAR trainers’ work in supporting children and women to build resilience for the future. Which is why your donation will be so massively helpful….

Children, HIV and COVID

There are around 160,000 children living with HIV in Uganda. UNICEF has just reported that, despite, the number of children and adolescents acquiring HIV since 2010 reducing by one half and one third respectively globally since 2010, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens decades of hard-won development and public health gains.  And UNAIDS has just announced that the total number of children on HIV treatment declined for the first time. CFAR-Uganda uses the Stepping Stones programme to train community facilitators to support children, young adolescents and their caregivers to build resilience in the face of all kinds of different childhood adversities. The more resilient they feel, the better they can live happy, healthy and safe lives, manage to take their HIV medication and grow up to fulfil their aspirations. CFAR-Uganda also trains facilitators to work with adults too, supporting them to develop better communication and relationship skills, enabling them in turn to build stronger, more supportive relationships, with one another and with their children, built on mutual trust and respect – and thereby developing stronger, healthier communities. COVID has made life very much harder for everyone, but once it eases, CFAR-Uganda wants to be ready and able to train in person once more, to support community members as they recover.

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Please continue to help Keshiya with her campaign supporting us to fundraise in aid of CFAR-Uganda.
Please share this webpage with 5 friends – and ask them in turn to share it with another 5.
It’s only a minimum of £3 per donation to nominate the tutor / teacher/ coach who has inspired you most to our Stepping Stones Alchemists’ List©
We can also send them a certificate of appreciation, explaining how you have donated to support the inspiring CFAR-Uganda trainers in their name.