The Dolutegravir Debate

Welcome to the Dolutegravir Debate October 2019 Our updated version of the dolutegravir advocacy brief is out now and available here. This version includes a preface which references WHO’s updated guidelines on DTG from July 2019. The Spanish version of this updated version is now available here. The French version will be ready very soon. […]


Podcast Episode no. 9

In this episode we welcome back Lucy Wanjiku to talk more about dolutegravir. She explains how women came together to achieve change and overturn its restriction. She highlights the importance of ensuring women are at the centre of decision-making that affects their lives, and how the WHO Consolidated Guideline on Sexual and Reproductive Health of […]

Podcast Episode no. 5

In this podcast, Resty Nalwanga talks about her mentoring work with young women living with HIV, particularly young mothers, which integrates sexual and reproductive rights, tuberculosis, and financial literacy. She also explains the importance of funding and support for grassroots initiatives.

Pódcast Episodio núm. 4

En este pódcast, MariJo Vázquez, de Barcelona, nos habla de cómo utiliza su propia experiencia para explicar a los alumnos de enfermería cómo llevar los conceptos éticos de la confidencialidad y la autonomía a la práctica clínica.

Podcast Episode #1

In this podcast, Lucy Wanjiku Njenga, talks about the HIV drug dolutegravir, also known as DTG; an antiretroviral drug which has been the subject of some recent controversy.