Global Treatment Access Review of Women living with HIV

UN Women has commissioned a global review of HIV Treatment Access for Women. December 2017: To access the Review Report, click here. December 2017: To access the Journal of Health & Human rights article about the Review Phase 2 findings, click here. This review seeks to identify key gaps related to women’s access to treatment […]


Supporting Women in Europe and Central Asia

Salamander Trust worked together closely with other organisations to support the launch of WECARe+, the first international network for HIV-positive women specific to the Europe and Central Asia Regions, at the International AIDS Conference in July 2010 in Vienna. Please visit our dedicated seven-language website for further details.

1) Audio-Project: HIV, Women and Motherhood

July 2009 New from Salamander: the HIV, Women and Motherhood Audio Project Interviews are now also available on CD, with generous funding from UNIFEM. For more information please see the flyer below. You can view the web version of these interviews here. You can also download the flyer by clicking here. Click here for the […]